How To Boost Your Mood With Nature

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When it comes to taking care of yourself and your mood, reconnecting with the simplicity of the Earth often is the solution. The space outside is waiting for you to explore… it is full of beauty and wonder that can turn your bad day around. Spending time outdoors can have amazing healing powers on your mood. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with nature and boost your mood with these simple ideas. All of these activities are free or inexpensive and easy to do.

Sit In The Sun

Have you ever just closed your eyes, took a deep breath of the fresh air, and noticed how the sunshine feels beating down on your skin on a beautiful warm day? There’s really nothing like it. Soaking up a few minutes of sunshine is a free resource that can make your whole day shine just a little bit brighter, not to mention the Vitamin D benefits… just don’t forget to put on that SPF!

Just Listen

Listening to all of the sounds around you can totally relax you. The wind rustling the leaves in the trees, the birds singing, or the crickets in the grass chirping. Be still and connect with your surroundings. Try to find a spot near a stream, lake, or beach as water has been shown to have calming effects. Bonus if you do some breathing exercises or meditations.

Take A Quick Hike Or Walk

Get rid of some stress and lighten your mood quickly with a short hike or walk. State parks offer many options for peaceful trails. You can also take a walk in your neighborhood if you’re not able to get away to a park. Make it easy for yourself so you enjoy being outside.

Find Water

If you can, find a beach, lake, pond, creek – you get the idea. There is a deep biological connection that has been shown to trigger an immediate response in our brains whenever we are near water. The mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and heart and induce relaxation. And when our bodies are in contact with water, it induces a meditative state so we feel happier, healthier, calmer, more creative, and more capable of awe.

Stop and Smell The Roses, Literally

Might seem cliche but “stop and smell the roses” isn’t a bad idea once in a while. Whether you take a few minutes to enjoy the sights and smells of the flowers near your home or you take a drive to a local botanical garden, taking the time to soak in the true beauty of flowers and being present in the moment will definitely make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Spending just 15 minutes outside offers so many ways to boost your mental and physical health and you’ll notice a genuine, positive effect on your mood and lifestyle. All you have to do is set aside some time and make it happen.

October 1, 2020


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