How to Embrace Being an Introvert and Get Noticed

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Introverts don’t typically seek out the spotlight and are more comfortable working behind the scenes. But even as an introverted support professional, I understand the importance of helping my clients stand out online. Ever since I started my business that is why it’s been a real struggle for me on social media but I’ve learned some things along the way. If you’re an introvert like me, here are a few of your characteristics to embrace so you can stand out online and get noticed by your target audience.


In a world where everyone seems to only care about their own opinions, introverts tend to spend more time listening, understanding, and empathizing before forming a conclusion. We all feel empowered when we are truly heard, and sometimes the most powerful way to be noticed is to use this in your favor. Lean into this strength as an entrepreneur. Ask your audience questions and show a desire to understand their pain points.


As introverts, we love to scrutinize things and deep dive into the details. This can seem exhausting and tedious for extroverts. But because introverts take the extra time, when we come up with a solution, it tends to be thoughtful and well-considered. We strive for delivering outstanding results for our clients/customers and seek out meaningful results for a greater impact. When thinking about issues your target audience has, focus on simplifying complex problems into easy-to-digest pieces and put together a road map showing how they can solve them.

Be Authentically You

An early mistake I made was assuming I had to do what everyone else was doing and that showing up and being loud was the best way to stand out. But in the noisy online world, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone is trying to look better than everyone else. If you tend to be quieter and reserved like myself, don’t try to change – embrace it! Introverts usually aren’t driven by fame or recognition and we typically would rather be working behind the scenes making magic happen! Always stay true to yourself because no one else can be YOU. Your audience will appreciate your own unique energy.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re an introvert, you can still find joy and success on your business journey. Use your attributes to your advantage and you will see the right people will find you!

April 1, 2021


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