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We are so lucky to live in a time with plentiful options for baby products – based on your budget, taste, and parenting style. Unfortunately for me, I found this overwhelming, from the conflicting articles I read or all the different advice I got from family and friends.

After some trial and error, I narrowed down my top favorite go-to products that I highly recommend to other moms. I am not affiliated with any of the products below. As a work-from-home mom, these items genuinely make my daily life just a little easier taking care of my sweet little babies and I hope they help you too!

What to Expect

This isn’t necessarily a product but a free resource that I used during both of my pregnancies and now for all things baby and toddler. What to Expect has a plethora of educational information that is continuously reviewed by medical experts and a community of support to help me navigate life as a new parent. Plus the app is amazing! I felt more connected to both of my boys in the womb as they grew with the day-to-day guide based on my due dates.

Pink Stork Premium Prenatal + DHA Vitamin

I love the mission behind this woman-owned company and this is one of the few prenatal vitamins I could tolerate while pregnant with both boys. I continue to take Pink Stork because of the added postpartum healing benefits plus it helps with my mood and breastmilk production!

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

I am a pumping mama and I have tried ALOT of different storage bags. The quality of these bags has been unmatched for my needs. I really like how they stand upright while filling – no spills and wasted breastmilk! I am able to freeze them flat which makes thawing a breeze. I have ready-to-go breastmilk for when I have childcare.

Medela Safe & Dry Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

Say goodbye to leaks and wet bras! This is the best product I could find that actually stayed in place plus the price point was right for my budget. No more embarrassing moments in Zoom meetings or in line at the grocery store.

Milkmakers Twist-Stick Nipple Balm

If you don’t already know – when you breastfeed or pump, your nipples are gonna HURT! (for me, mega ouch with baby #2) This nipple balm has given me such a relief. I love that it is in an easy twist stick, making it mess-free and quick when I am dealing with a newborn and a young toddler.

Happy Mama Organics Lactation Cookies

Speaking of breastmilk production, Happy Mama has been a tasty way to increase my supply. I tried more than a few brands and this is my favorite! I’ve seen a big change just eating one cookie a day.

Bumco Diaper Cream Brush

Did I mention I am a mama of 2 under 2? This product may seem silly and unnecessary to some people but honestly, when it comes to diaper changes where I can save a few extra seconds without goopy sticky fingers while wrangling a baby ninja and getting back to entertaining a toddler is totally worth it for me!

OXO Roll-Up Bib

These silicone bibs are super easy to clean and to take with us when we are out of the house. The pocket catches all baby and toddler food making our mealtimes less messy.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Anti-Colic Options+™

Both my boys took to these bottles immediately compared to other brands and nipple styles. I love the vent system that helps babies feed at their own pace versus gulping down too much reducing spit-up and gas. I feel confident whoever is feeding my baby using these trusted bottles.

Instant Pot Baby Food and Toddler Food Cookbook

Before babies, I loved my Instant Pot. Now after becoming a mom, I love it even more for quick and convenient healthy food. This cookbook can be used for both baby and toddler meals, ideal for my current stage of life. I can prep food ahead of time to ensure I have meals available when I don’t have the time to cook or for when I have childcare, the boys are still eatin’ good! I am able to take care of my home and my business with less mom guilt.

There are tons of products out there and endless resources to help you find what will work for your needs. Happy hunting for your go-to products and wishing you the best of luck in motherhood! YOU GOT THIS!

December 1, 2021


Quick Note: This page may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation if you purchase from my affiliate links – which I’ll most likely be using on coffee to keep me fueled and focused during mama life and work!

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