How to Create Work-Life Balance as a Working Mom

Work-Life Balance

Just because maybe your grandma or mom were stay-at-home mothers, doesn’t mean you have to be, unless you want to be and have the means to. But in this modern world, it is becoming more and more difficult to live off of one income. This means that most times moms have few options when it comes to the decision of whether or not to work while raising their kids. I’ve decided to run my own business while raising my boys and believe me, I am BUSY – but here are a few things that helped me balance my work and home life and minimize my #MomGuilt.

Scheduling and Planning

1. Plan your mornings. If you’re not a morning person, try getting some of your morning tasks done the evening before. Set aside enough time to get the kiddos up and dressed if they’re not old enough to do it themselves. If you can, enjoy a meal together as a family before the day’s craziness begins.

2. Schedule events. Schedule your after-work activities in a planner – paper, or digital. This will ensure that there is room for everything and that nothing important is forgotten. Appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands.

3. Be flexible. Remember that everything won’t always go perfectly. If something doesn’t work out and you need to rearrange your schedule, just plan to do something on a different day. Since you’re juggling many people and tasks at once, keeping your schedule flexible is a must for keeping your stress levels down. Go with the flow mama!

Staying Involved

Sometimes, as working moms, we feel like we’re not as involved. But, if you concentrate on making the time that you do have with your tiny humans quality time, you’ll still be heavily involved in their lives. Just because you aren’t there every minute, doesn’t mean that you aren’t making a big difference in their lives or they love you any less.

When your work day is over, do something with your little ones that you’ll all enjoy. Maybe they’ll want some alone time to play independently, but you can also stay involved by showing that you care. You’ll have quality time with them at meals, and you can always engage them in family games or other activities.

Be Present and build relationships

Spend individual time with each family member, and be present. Don’t try to multitask by scrolling social media, doing chores, or playing catch up on work items – make sure you are in the moment, engaging, and making memories. Be sure not to forget about your partner during life’s crazy times and give that relationship some much-needed nourishment as well. Individual attention will help you get to know your loved ones better, and you’ll have time to truly build upon your lasting relationship.

Take Breaks for ‘Me’Time’

It’s so important that you remember to schedule some breaks. If you need a spa day every once in a while, it’s something that is well deserved. Sometimes you’ll feel that you spend every waking moment either at work or worrying about your kiddos, so take some time to unwind. Read a book after they have gone to bed, work on your relationship with your spouse, or engage in something you find relaxing (for me it’s searching all things home on Pinterest!).

Working Mom Life can get really hectic really fast, but if you follow these tips hopefully, you’ll be able to find a happy balance between your work and home life!

December 9, 2021


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