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Unfortunately no. All deposits are nonrefundable as this is to secure your spot on my calendar for dedicated support to you. I book services in advance as scheduling ensures that I give all of my clients the proper amount of time deserved. As a result, I turn away clients for your reserved time slot. If you back out of the service, you leave an empty spot that could have been given to another client who needs support. The deposit ensures that clients are serious about moving forward with working together.

is my inital deposit refundable?

Yeah no sweat! As I regularly analyze and report on my clients' financial data, I totally understand cashflow concerns. A small deposit is due upon booking and then I normally invoice the remainder either payment in full or 50/50 options for all of my support offerings so that you can confidently invest in your business with ease.

Do you offer payment plans?

I love working with a wide variety of industries but I tend to serve marketers, designers, and copywriters who are looking to build a small team or already have a small team. The women I support are dedicated to their craft and are seeking to scale their business while making a real impact without sacrificing their personal life and family time.

what kind of businesses do you support?

I leverage not only my formal and accredited education but also my corporate and online experiences in key operational disciplines of the following main pillars; Strategic Planning, Project Management, Human Resources, KPIs/Data, and Financials. I blend all of my knowledge and skillsets into the unique needs of my clients in order to provide high level support. A DOO is for the business owner who is feeling stuck in the day-to-day and is motivated to make data and values based decisions in order to scale with a strategic right-hand, not just to delegate work off their plate.

WHY DO I NEED A DOO and not an OBM or VA?

Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is different with unique operational needs. I can help achieve 'quick wins' with Clarity Intensives, Advisory Consultations, and system setups but for more in depth results my retainer support is needed at a minimum of 3 months to focus on specific goals to see
success. All services are based on an in-depth strategy and scope of work - not hours.


I believe in delivering quality, high-level support for my clients. That means I only work with a few clients at any given time to ensure I can provide invested, hands-on support. I reserve dedicated calendar time for consultations and project based work. Retainer services are a minimum of 3 months and spots are limited.

how many clients do you work with?

"She consistently exceeds my expectations. Her work is well thought out and presented. She elevates my entire team with her professionalism, organization, and communication." — Samantha W.

"I literally could not run my business without April."

"Having someone who understands your needs is critical to the growth of your business, and April is that person. She truly wants to help you make an impact with your business. April was able to quickly understand my brand ethos, and brought amazing ideas of her own to our discussions. It was such a weight off my shoulders knowing that I could comfortably focus on the more enjoyable parts of building my business, and that is 100% because I have April on my team." — Tameeka L.

"Working with April freed me from the parts of my business which drained my energy."

Now, when I am feeling overwhelmed, I just look back at our plan and I know exactly what I need to be working on." — Kaela H.

"I appreciate you helping me get my ideas and goals out of my head and into a highly prioritized and attainable roadmap."

"Before working with her, I did not have a clear goal. I had no idea what I wanted or where I wanted to go with my business. April was very understanding and she provided resources to help me and in turn, I gained clarity and direction. She is a wonderful asset to my business. I highly recommend working with April." — Juanita M.

"Working with April has put me into the position that I needed to be in."

"She helped me feel at ease instead of overwhelmed after realizing all that needed to be upgraded in my business. April communicated frequently and provided many status updates throughout the project. I feel much more professional and confident after using the workflows she created, because they have leveled up my client experience SO much and have created a smoother customer journey. The training also exceeded my expectations and was packed with information." — Erika M.

"I loved working with April! She is friendly, approachable, and easy going."

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